Marie Kyle
Using empathy to enhance human experiences.

I have worked on the web for the last 16 years with a focus on user experience design, helping illuminate the complexities of human-computer interactions on digital platforms to develop impactful solutions for internet connected device users of all shapes and sizes.

For me, it's all about using empathy as a guide to creating online experiences that provide value, and influence users to engage in ways that help organizations reach their goals. Whether you run a non-profit looking for increased donations, or a startup looking to turn an outdated industry in its head - having empathy for your users will always have a net positive effect on your growth and your bottom line.

I can help you use empathy to grow your business.


While I keep a pretty busy schedule, I'm always open to talk about new opportunities and ideas. Have a project you'd like to discuss, or want to see some examples of my work? Reach out!