Marie Kyle
Experience Design Practitioner

At a basic level, I believe all technologies share a singular outcome – to make things easier through the simplification of complex or time consuming tasks. Yet in the world of the digital, more often than not the experience of technology is anything but simple or useful. When done badly, or created without regard for its users - technology can often leave you feeling frustrated, angry, and helpless. As an experience design practitioner – I thrive on transforming digital experiences into something with more satisfying outcomes.

For the last 20 years, I have worn many hats and have been involved in every aspect of developing digital experiences — from design strategy and information architecture to user research, content creation, visual design & design, engineering, and branding — to all manners of testing and deployment. I'm very lucky to have gained such a unique and broad prospective on the importance of understanding visual communication, empathy, and what it takes to build digital products that don't make people what to set themselves on fire.

Like most people, I am ecstatic when things just "work". I like it when it doesn't take me long to find what I'm looking for. I loathe reading manuals or instructions of any kind. I'm grateful for all the time and frustrations that intuitive technology has saved me from in my everyday life and in my work.

These days I'm a full-time experience design coordinator at the Association of Food and Drug Officials, a fantastic non-profit helping to shape and improve food safety and drug policy in the US. As of 2023, I have stopped taking on new consulting projects — but if you have been referred to me, feel free to reach out - I'm always willing to have a conversation. Maybe I'll be able to help get you started on the right path to improving the ux or ui of your platform/product....or at the very lest point you in the right direction.